Why Book Us

Why book with IQ Science?

–         All but a very few of our shows incorporate a goody bag of items for each child to take home.  Goody bag contents allow the students to further explore the subject and/or share it with their families, giving them a sense of ownership of their new knowledge

–         Programs are presented by a knowledgeable scientist willing and able to field student and teacher questions

–         This is not a franchise.  All programs are designed by us to drive home important scientific concepts that we are familiar with and well able to present.  No scripts or proscribed notes are used.  While this means every show tends to be a bit different, it also means each show is controlled by the interests of the students and teacher participating – we can pursue a tangent, or take a closer look at a subject if the audience wishes.

–         Shows employ household objects, ordinary, common items for our scientific demos and experiments.  This reinforces our underlying message that science is part of our everyday lives and can be explored with materials we all have at hand.  No fancy equipment or laboratory needed!

–         This is not just a magic show.  What good is the “wow” without the “why?” A magician doesn’t want you to know how s/he does it – we do!  While entertainment is a necessary part of any successful science assembly, and let’s face it, science IS fun, each of our shows is designed around a central theme.  All demos and activities serve to reinforce the few fundamental concepts that support the theme, to help students retain these key points.  It is easy to string together a series of entertaining science activities.  It is much harder to ensure that they all work together to illustrate a main curriculum point; we do just that.

–         Our shows cover many of the grade level curriculum expectations (GLCE’s) in each topic.

–         We know that students learn in different ways.  Where possible, a single show incorporates kinetic activities, demos, hand-on experimentation, and occasionally even things to taste to appeal to as many avenues of retention as possible.

–         Our presentations are their own best advertisement.  We are so confident in our programs, we can offer your school their first program at little or NO cost (see “sample program” details at the bottom of the Scheduling & Costs page; some restrictions apply)