New Programs

(when booking a new program be sure to ask about our new program discounts, it’s our way of thanking you for your patience as these shows may occasionally run over time)

“For Good Measure” – measuring program for upper el that examines historical approaches to standard units of measure, before precise tools were common place.  Repeat the type of measuring that made Archimedes yell “Eureka!”  Measure gravity with music.  Get “hands” on with measuring your height!  In the process we reveal why standardized units are so important to science.

Duration Cost Grades levels Audience size
60  minutes Standard Rate 4-6 32 max.
Comments: works well with any grade practicing measurements for math and science


“Going Buggy” a look at the adaptations of insects – students will play bug bingo or build-a-bug and see how different insect characteristics go together.  Students will then pretend to be birds and “hunt” for different color paper butterflies/moths/other insects to see how camouflage and warning coloration help them survive their predators.   Students play a card game to sort a deck using a dichotomous key.  Live Madagascar Hissing cockroaches may visit as part of the show.


“Planet Earth rocks!” an exploration into the awesome subject of the science of Planet Earth.  Includes a visit from a mini travelling rock museum.  Trays of fossils, igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary, and crystalline rocks for students handle, explore, and examine the different characteristics.  Hands-on activities using crayons to understand sedimentary rock formation and the creation of fossils.  Also includes exploration of the water cycle, with a hands-on experiment into convection currents and evaporation, followed by the students acting out the changes water goes through on its journeys between atmosphere and land.