Scheduling & Costs

E-mail is the best way to book an IQ Science program.  During the day, I may be performing programs, volunteering at Science Olympiad, or running errands.  If I am away from my computer it is hard to accurately answer any scheduling questions you may have.  But more importantly, e-mail allows for a written record of dates and times, grade, program, and number of shows, and other important information.  I can more readily transcribe your requested dates onto my calendar to ensure I haven’t overlooked any conflicts.  You can see which dates have already been booked by choosing the “calendar” option from the top menu.

When booking our assemblies, only one program (topic) is selected per day, presented to one grade (if your grade has more than 4 classes, we will take 2 days to provide enough shows).  Each class in the grade will have their own presentation time scheduled.  Resetting supplies requires 10-15 minutes between each show.  Shows typically have a maximum audience size of 28 for lower El, 34 for upper El.  Unless you ask about accommodating a larger audience, we carry only enough hands-on materials to support the listed maximum number of students.

When scheduling IQ Science to visit your school, nearly all programs require tables for the students to work at.  While a cafeteria or multi-purpose room may work, the time to clear out for lunch and reset supplies afterwards can limit the amount of time for actual shows.  An art room, if there is a day it goes unused at your school, is an ideal location.  Please note that to promote cooperation and ensure a smooth set-up of each program, we will offer a “PTA liaison” discount when the presenter is met by a PTA representative at the school to help with room set-up and to stay for at least the first show to aid in correcting any unforeseen problems.  We appreciate it when the schools show us this support, so we’d like to say thanks when you help out!

We can offer you two options for billing our shows.  (1) We can invoice your PTA – invoice can be mailed or e-mailed to the coordinator in advance for payment the day of the show, or for established customers, can be brought to the program for payment by mail.  (2) Students pay to participate – we can provide you with an “in-school field-trip” payment form which students take home to have their parent or guardian submit payment.  Teachers collect these payments and remit to the presenter on the day of the program.  Costs per person under this format work out to approximately $4-$5 each depending on the size of the classes and grade (requires a minimum of two classes and 50 students).

Please e-mail us for exact prices.

“Standard Costs” are based on 60 minute shows with minimal consumed supplies.  For each program title you are interested in booking, we typically schedule a separate show for each class.  The cost of each show decreases with the number of shows booked.  (So the 3rd show, for example, is only 20-30% of the cost of the 1st show).  The more shows you book, the better the prices.

To keep the basic programs as inexpensive as possible, additional “Long Program” fees for 75-90 minute shows, and “Materials Costs” for those with a lot of consumed supplies, will be approximately $10-15 per show.  The tie-dye math program uses professional quality dyes, runs 75- 90 minutes, and requires an extensive amount of prep work: a separate pricing schedule applies.

Mileage costs will be added to shows outside of Wayne County and Oakland County.

If this is your school’s first time booking a program with IQ Scienceyou may be eligible for a free “sample” program.  This requires that the PTA representative (or teacher) responsible for booking assemblies at your school be present before and during the programming, and must meet with the presenter during the day’s lunch break.  As well, the principal or a lead teacher from another grade must also attend one of the programs to see how our shows might benefit other grades in the school.  Number of shows and choice of programming may be limited.