About Us

Dr. Terry Smith-Glaser created IQ Science after four years donating her time at her children’s schools and other elementary schools in the district, performing assemblies for free that she created herself, developing new ones along the way.  She started developing these shows in response to a need for quality programs that could clearly explain and demonstrate science concepts to lower elementary students.   Terry devised her first show, “What’s the Solution?” in 2005 as a result of having her second-grade daughter at home for half-day homeschooling.  Her daughter enjoyed their at-home science activities so much, they decided to bring them in to school to share with morning classmates.  The ball has been rolling ever since, with new ideas for shows springing up as her own children progress through the school system and ask for more information and more hands-on experiences.

Terry also spent three years as a PTA volunteer scheduling assemblies at Amerman Elementary School, so she understands the scheduling concerns behind booking a show – the date, the times, the teachers’ schedules, conflicts with gym period, getting the assembly presenter out of the cafeteria before they have to set up for lunch, and finding money in the budget to get shows for all of the grades.  We understand, and we can work with you to minimize these headaches.

Terry earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Harvard University in 1989, and her Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1996.  She taught courses in general biology, environmental science, applied entomology, and animal behavior as adjunct professor in the Biology Department at Regis University in Denver from 1995-1999.  Her three children attend public school in Northville, MI.