October, 2010

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Hex Nuts and Whizzy Balloons

First, let me apologize to the parents of the 3rd graders at schools I’ll be visiting soon.  I know the “squonky” toys the kids came home with are loud and annoying, but they so perfectly explain the function of an amplifier (if you don’t believe me – remove the string,Read More

Northville Record

I just want to say thanks to the local paper, the Northville Record, for coming to the 5th grade machines program at “TC” school on Wed Sept 29th.  Even if the event doesn’t make the upcoming issue, the students were impressed that their learning experience was a matter for theRead More

Kindergarteners make sense

It was so much fun exploring our senses with the kindergarteners at “TC” school this week!  The kids listened so well, and were so enthusiastic to try all the different mystery games – and they figured them out so well!  I can understand that they get so excited they can’tRead More


These first testimonials are transcribed from e-mails I received before I created the website.  To view recent testimonials, click the comment button, and these comments will be displayed.  To leave a comment, click the reply function to send us your opinion of our programs – thanks to everyone for theRead More

Science Olympiad – a beginning

Dear Science Olympiad families, I am very excited for the start of Hillside Science Olympiad this year.   Last year, the kids did a fantastic job, with only 13 kids covering all 23 events.  Hopefully we get a lot more kids signed up this year.  I’ll try to use thisRead More